The Ranheim Farms at Fagerness Norway
This arial photo of Fagernes was taken in 2004 and is in common domain as part of the Wikimedia collection. The road that exits the picture to the right leads to the Hagaset Farms about 11 kilometers away.
Fagernes is located in Opland Fylke (county of province) which is highlighted in above map of Norway.
Nord Aurdal (like a township) is shown in red on this map of Opland Fylke
The map to the right from the web site ( shows the Ranheimsbygdi (Ranum Farms) in the Fagernes area in the lower left and also shows the Hageset Farms in the upper right. They are approximately 11 km apart. Tomasset directly to the east of Hagaset and Skrindsrud is just to the west of Hagaset. Neither are labeled. All three are on the north shore of Steinsetfjord (lake) Fagernes is on the larger Strandefjord (lake)
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