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I feel that these historical pictures should be available to everyone. In that spirit, the files will be made available to all in high or medium resolution. Please respect the memory of those pictured by using these photos in a respectful manner. When complete, you will be able to click on each file name to access the pictures. Until then, contact me if you would like access and I will arrange it.

Family Pictures, Historical
Updated 7/4/2012 by Mark Ranum
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File name, Name, Name, etc., Description, Description, etc.

09022601, Helmer Swingen, Son of Ole
09022602, Carl Ranum, Elma Eidsmore, wedding group picture.
09022603, Carl Hageseth
09022604, Alvin Gilbert Ranum, confirmation picture
09022605, Henry Dalby
09022606, Clara Elisa Knutson
09022607, Lizzie Shafer , Harold Stavik
09022608, Andrew Ranum, family picture
09022609, Esther Jylland, child's portrait, first child of Oscar and Julia Jylland
09022610a, Ellef Lunn (Torgerson), in Civil War Uniform
09022611, John Stavik, family picture, John, Evangeline, Harold, Albin, Amelia
09022612, Alvin Gilbert Ranum, baby picture
09022613, Lizzie Schafer, see 09022607
09022614, Mr. and Mrs. Veggum, parents of Joline Veggum. Springdale of Dane Co., WI
09022615, Sever Munson and Sena Knutson/Ranum, children of, boys Clarence and Murle not pictured.
09022616, Sam (George Samuel) Lunn, Thomas Lunn, Lars (Lewis)Lunn, and Albert Lunn, originally Torgerson.
09022617, Unknown, Two soldiers.
09022618, Ella Cordelia (Ranum) Johnson, posed in wicker chair, different pose, see 09022627.
09022619a, Sever Rundhaug, Sever's house, group of people in front not identified.
09022620, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gjesvold
09022621, Andrew Ranum family, in front of house in Primrose township, Dane Co., Wisconsin
09022622, Daughters of Largrin (sp? perhaps Torgrim?) Knutson, Karina, Ella and Clara
09022623, Ole Ranum, Gilbert Ranum titled "Monfort Band"
09022624, Svenning Torgerson, house located by Lime Kiln Highway 191 by Dodgeville, WI, (80% sure correct)
Anne (Svenningsdatter) (Anderson) Lunn, with unidentified niece
09022626, Alice Georgine (Lunn) Ranum, Joline Veggum, titled "Old Friends"
09022627, Ella Cordelia (Ranum) Johnson, posed in wicker chair, late teens.
09022628, Nils K. Ranum, House built by, Children playing in snow in front of. Around 1910?
09022629, Martha Ranum , Gilbert Ranum, with two unidentified friends.
09022630, Thea Boley, Confirmation 1918
09022631, Karine Kristine Knutson, daughter of Largrim (sp? perhaps Torgrim?)and Kjersti Knutson, see 09022622
09022632, Mr. and Mrs. P. V. Peterson (Nara Homme), wedding picture.
09022633, Miss Skarseth, came from Norway to visit Hageseths and died while staying with them.
09022634, Julia Maanum
09022635, Edward Nelson Ranum, confirmation picture
09022636, Unidentified house, turn of century
09022637, Anna Vogel, wedding picture
09022638, Ella Cordelia (Ranum) Johnson , confirmation picture
09022639, Esther Jylland, confirmation picture 1918
09022640, Edward Nelson Ranum, graduation picture
09022641, Nels K Ranum, log dugout build by, used as temporary shelter while builing house on Perry farm, Dane, WI
12063001, Anne (Svenningsdatter) (Anderson) Lunn, Alice Georgine (Lunn) Ranum, Ella Cordelia (Ranum) Johnson



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