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Ranum Kuntson Hageseth Family History

A Genealogical Study of the Nels Knutson Ranum Line

Updated April 9, 2013

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Reunion Archives

June 19, 1949 Ranum Reunion Pictures - Page 1

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(file 1b1j) The 1949 Ranum Reunion was hosted by Edward and Gertrude Ranum and family. It was held on the farm about 2 miles due east of Daleyville, Wisconsin that was originally purchased by Ed’s grandfather, Nels K. Ranum in 1892. This picture was taken from the upstairs front porch of the farm house. Pictured front center are Ella C (Ranum) Johnson, and her brother Edward N. Ranum. Just to their right, sitting in front of the microphone is Hazel (Hilden) Newton, reunion president for 1949. Gilbert M. Ranum is seated in the lower right reading a presentation on his father, Nels K. Ranum to the crowd. Ray D. Ranum and his wife Dorothy are seated together on the bench just behind Gilbert. Ray was the Reunion Secretary for over 40 years of reunions.

The Ranum Farm Diary entry for June 19, 1949;

“A beautiful day for the Reunion, not as warm as yesterday, rather hazy skies, with a nice breeze from the south. The crowd began to gather about 11o’clock. The turnout was very good, almost all of the nearby relatives were here, and some from a distance. There was plenty to eat, and we consumed twenty ½ gallon bottles of root beer and enormous amounts of coffee. Everyone seemed to have an enjoyable time and things ran smoothly. Those from a distance were Aunt Annie from Missouri, Uncle Pete, Ray & Dorothy and Marlo, Gilbert and Odele Goodnight, Carl Knutson from La Crosse.” (file 1b2e)

Gilbert M. Ranum (far left) holds a microphone and shares some of his father’s history with the crowd. Center, back, his son Edward N. Ranum looks on. Seated just to left of Edward in the picture is Hazel (Hilden) Newton, also with a microphone. Dorothy Ranum is seated on the white bench with her husband, Ray. (file 1b12b)
Gilbert M Ranum continues speech about his Father, Nels. The young lady sitting on the ground in the center of the picture is Ruth (Ranum) Melby. Ray D. Ranum, Reunion Secretary, is seated on the white bench taking notes. (file 1b1d)

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